Guest Bios

Meet the extraordinary people who are guests on “It’s About Language.” Get to know them, see what resources they’re sharing, and connect with them as you continue to find your voice and enter the conversation.

Introducing Lisa Fore (Episode 18)

This week’s guest, Lisa Fore, brings her personal sense of urgency to engage all people in a journey from a narrow to a broad, inclusive, and celebratory view of languages, cultures, and individual value.

Introducing Ines Lormand (Episode 17)

This week’s guest, Ines Lormand, makes a passionate and personal plea for early bi- and multi-lingualism based on her life experiences, work, advanced studies, and

Introducing Edgar Serrano (Episode 16)

This week’s guest, Edgar Serrano, brings his personal history and experience in business and education to a conversation on changing perspectives about peoples, cultures, and ourselves.

Introducing Sharla Zwirek (Episode 11)

This week’s guest on It’s About Language is Sharla Zwirek, who provides an insight into how we approach learning about the language and culture of others – and ourselves.

Introducing Amanda Seewald (Episode 10)

This week’s guest on It’s About Language is Amanda Seewald, who has us reflect on language and our connection or disconnection to family history and the human family..

Introducing Linda Egnatz (Episode 7)

Meet It’s About Language podcast guest Linda Egnatz,, whose mission is nothing less than to connect a diverse world of languages and cultures, one person at a time.

Introducing Andrés Pi Andreu (Episode 5)

My guest this week, Andres Pi Andreu, has a special relationship with imagination, making it the lead with dancing partner language. Explore with us the role of language and culture not only in the past, but for their roles in a future of digital “metahumans.”

Introducing Carolyn Gill (Episode 4)

In this episode of It’s About Language, I talk with Carolyn Gill, multilingual world traveler who works in the world language publishing industry. We explore the joyful take on “the Other,” those whose languages and cultures have so much to reveal to and delight us – and ours to them.

Introducing Ken Stewart (Episode 3)

Ken’s biography demonstrates his commitment to and achievement of compassion, excellence, and community in world language teaching and learning.

Introducing Linda Markley (Episode 2)

Episode 2 (airing 9/24) is with Linda Markley, a lifelong learner and teacher for over 40 years. Come learn about Linda and her ideas of teachers’ powerful advocate voices.

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