Introducing Susan K Younger (Episode 37)

Portrait of Susan K. Younger

“I could sometimes see intuitively how to connect with people. [B.A.N.K.] makes it possible to share with others how to address a conversation, recognizing the values important to the other person….framing your words so that they connect with them without losing yourself in the conversation.”

My guest for Episode 37, Susan K Younger, found a new road opened up in her life one day, a powerful pathway to connection and conversation that empowered her life. Through her coaching, she works to bring that positive impact to the lives of others. As she noted in our podcast, in her resources below, she shares with you access to your B.A.N.K. code at no charge, so you can begin or continue your own connection journey. Please take advantage of her generous offer.

Susan K Younger’s Bio

Susan K. Younger has a BA in architecture from Iowa State University. She worked for more than a decade as the Store Planning Director for Broadway Southwest in Arizona. Relocating to Dallas in 1995, she worked with architectural and design firms, leading teams building and renovating department stores including Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. She worked as a consultant for others including Sephora, CallisonRTKL, and GENPACT.

Working in management with several diverse teams, held to high expectations in various industries, has given Susan a depth of experience few business leaders acquire. In 1998 she added Bodywork, including Structural Integration and Myofascial Release to her business and continued consulting in architecture as well. Working with B.A.N.K.® methodology since 2015, she has combined her wide backgrounds with her roles as leader, manager, author, and speaker to solve problems and to help others effectively develop interpersonal communication skills important in both business and in life.


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