Introducing Elizabeth Mack (Episode 74)

Elizabeth Mack Freestyle Languages

“I had the remarkable opportunity when I was in college to study abroad in the south of France.It changed my trajectory forever. I thought what would have happened if I hadn’t learned this language? I would have never connected to my host mother and my family with whom I’m still connected, I wouldn’t understand their culture the same, I wouldn’t view the world the same, I want that opportunity for other people. “

Elizabeth Mack’s Bio

An incurable Francophile, Elizabeth is uncommonly passionate about language learning, especially the ability of languages to connect people, build empathy and create equity.

As a graduate of the University of Texas (’89, BBA Marketing / International Business; French minor), Elizabeth initially worked in Marketing for L’Oreal, Paris. During several subsequent years in France and Amsterdam, she earned a Diplôme Supérieur in French business while learning Dutch. These years offered unforgettable experiences, but she longed to return to Austin, Texas where she proudly raised her two daughters.

Following an MA in 18c. French Literature from UT Austin, Elizabeth served for 5 years as a Professor of French at Texas State University. Increasingly disenchanted with the standard academic model, she formed what is now known as Freestyle Languages in 2012 to create a language learning community through fun, stress-free learning & and an effective methodology.

Flashforward 10 years,Freestyle Languagescelebrates:

  • a proven model: through the flipped classroom, dynamic online tools, a proprietary curriculum developed through authentic materials and continual professional development of top notch instructors (if we may say 🙂 our learners reach their speaking goals, with a progress guarantee;
  • certification as a HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) & M/WBE (Woman Minority-owned Business Enterprise) in Texas;
  • an accredited online Teacher Training Program led by Dr. Clem Ozel. Any language instructor anywhere can benefit from our synchronous (and part asynchronous) cohorts offering pedagogy strategies for truly successful speaking outcomes; 
  • a Language at Work corporate / organizational language program, offering customized language solutions across a variety of industries, languages and time zones;

When not busy with Freestyle, family or friends, Elizabeth is finding new ways to lean into the power of language. Most recently, she has been enjoying a leadership role in the Texas Anti-Poverty Project in the hopes of helping central Texas communities leverage the many advantages of language, including its ability to provide a life skill and a path to wage equity.

Labeled an ‘Edu-preneur’ by SXSWEdu where she’s a frequent participant / speaker,

Elizabeth loves to attend language learning conferences to meet like-minded educators, keeping up to date with the most recent learning science and methods.

The power of language learning – c’est magnifique!



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Episode 74 – Freestyle Languages Freedom & Joy

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