Introducing Cristina DiGiacomo (Episode 32)

“Everyone is a philosopher, and I can prove it.”

Cristina DiGiacomo is my guest for Episode 32. Take a look at her bio below, and you know the why of all she offered on this podcast and the why of her work as a professional philosopher. She’s a delight to know and fulfills her stated goal: “I’m actually really trying to make philosophy accessible in the way that it was intended. Philosophy was really meant for us. It was meant for everyone. It was self-help before self-help ever existed.”

Cristina DiGiacomo’s Bio

In the spring of 2011, I met Socrates for the first time. He saved me from a life of mundanity and strife. Since then, I have made it my vocation to inspire others with what the greatest thinkers had to say about living a good life, asking more questions, and believing in ourselves as human beings. I now help leaders transcend the realities of the working world by harnessing the power of Philosophy.

Resources is where you can learn lots more about Cristina DiGiacomo, philosophy, and philosophy for success.

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