Introducing Jacque Merritt (Episode 48)

” We’ve kind of stopped listening to each other and we’re doing a lot of talking over each other right now. I think the state of our politics and some of the issues that we’re facing in the US in particular can be traced back to our challenge with listening and hearing each other speak. It’s a competency that we learn in coaching. It’s something that we spend a lot of time on.”

Jacque Merritt works with leaders in business, government, military, non-profits, and more. She sees up close the strengths that bring those leaders and those they lead powerful positive outcomes, and those that lead to dysfunction, handicapped success, tension and loss. In our conversation for Episode 48, Jacque brought her skills and insights into human nature and individual and group behaviors. Be sure to check out our conversation, to listen, and to learn.

Jacque Merritt‘s Bio

Gallup Senior Workplace Consultant | Executive Coach | Leadership Consultant

Jacque Merritt is an executive coach and senior consultant who advises leaders around the world on leadership, team building and succession planning. Since joining Gallup in 1989, she has worked with a wide variety of CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and government and political leaders to help them achieve personal and professional success.

During her tenure at Gallup, Jacque has traveled to more than 50 countries and lived around the globe on extensive assignments in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She is developing Gallup’s leadership and executive coaching practice and building an International Coach Federation (ICF) certification and mentoring program for Gallup’s coaches. She has a passion for helping people to achieve excellence and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

As a trusted advisor to clients, she incorporates Gallup’s extensive analytics on human capital with her skills as a Master Certified Coach with ICF to help leaders navigate their most pressing challenges. Her philosophy starts with the belief that all people have unique talents that can be leveraged to achieve their full potential. A strong partnership with her clients is built through open and honest dialogue, thought-provoking inquiry, and co-creation of ideas and solutions to achieve success. She starts from a basis of building self-awareness and helping people to develop powerful strengths and minimize their weaknesses as they create strategies for growth and impact.

Jacque’s coaching experience includes working with executives within the healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, entertainment, financial, higher education, and airline industries as well as the government sector. In addition, she has served as an honorary faculty member with the United Nations International Leadership Academy special sessions on Women’s Leadership and Conflict Resolution, and a faculty member with Gallup’s MBA program in Executive Leadership, which was offered in partnership with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). During her tenure in Asia, Jacque invested in building out Gallup’s practices across the region around engagement, strengths-based culture, talent selection and research-based leadership practices.

Jacque pursued doctoral studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) while teaching in the psychology department. She currently sits on the board of a nonprofit organization, and lives in Omaha, Nebraska, with her husband, David Gosselin, and their two teenage daughters, Maia and Anna.

Contact Information:

Jacque Merritt

Senior Workplace Consultant

402-938-6588 (office), 402-770-1560 (mobile)


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