Introducing Michael Liebowitz (Episode 44)

“It was in first grade that I was first exposed to kids teasing one another… I never quite understood that dynamic, that a kid… says a thing or does a thing that suddenly others perceive. I was like, ‘Wait, that seemed pretty reasonable to me and the teasing happens? I don’t get it.’ I realized that was a big moment for me. It has been that fundamental question of well, how come we treat each other this way? That through my life and eventually studying all the various modes of understanding this, it started with that first exposure in the world.”

My guest for Episode 44 is Michael Liebowitz. Our conversation is full of powerful ideas of beliefs, belonging, and what that means when we talk about ourselves and our work to others.

Michael Liebowitz’sBio

Michael Liebowitz is on a mission to show business owners how to communicate meaningfully and effectively so they can attract more of their ideal customers.

An expert in the fields of brand strategy and behavioral neurology, he works with small businesses to craft messaging strategies that target how we are wired to feel resonance and attraction.

Michael has a passion for understanding how the human mind works to drive our decisions. Over the past 12 years, Michael has created a fresh and counter-intuitive insight of how businesses can use specific language to trigger trust, engagement, and the decision to buy.


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