Introducing Hugh Ballou (Episode 59)

Hugh Ballou, President of the SynerVision Leadership Foundation

“My superpower is being able to create a space for people to raise the bar on their own performance.

Empowering leaders for over 3 decades to take charge of their life, lead high performing teams, and creating sustainable, recurring income. I work with leaders at any stage of their enterprise and assist them in creating a pathway to the success and income they envision.

I work with leaders clarifying their vision, building their skills to fully accomplish their mission in the following ways:
1) One-to-One Coaching (Leadership Skills, Team Development, Strategic Planning, Burnout Prevention and More)
2) Group Leadership Cohorts in Learning and Problem-Solving
3) On-Site Planning and Team Development
4) Self-Study Programs
5) Online Community Interaction for Nonprofit Leaders and Clergy and

Hugh is President of the SynerVision Leadership Foundation

Vision: Guiding the life-changing, life-saving global impact of churches and nonprofit organizations.

Mission: Empower nonprofit organizations, including religious and education institutions, to move beyond maintenance thinking to success mentality, such that their mission and impact is greatly magnified. This will be accomplished by transforming the culture by developing leaders, engaging members as stakeholders, and guiding organizations from their existing to their envisioned cultures.

Podcast, “31 days to Becoming a Better Leader”

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