Introducing Ashwini Prasad (Episode 31)

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“I’m finding out all this amazing stories about these amazing people and I’ve never ever heard about them. That’s where the impetus came of where I am one person who can help bring them back in a way to bring justice to them, and what they did for us, and give people the opportunity to meet these people and see these people and get to know their stories that I was not taught about in my schooling.”

Ashwini Prasad is my guest for Episode 31. She powerfully combines her passion for understanding others and their stories with a practiced ear for listening and skill with words — all in service of making sure that the marginalized come into the center, the invisible are seen, and the silenced heard.

Ashwini Prasad’s Bio

Ashwini is also known as The Inclusive Screenwriter and leads with equity and justice as her pillars in her work as an anti-racist educator and screenwriter. Her pillars were rooted in college and over 20 years of experience in anti-racism, anti-oppression, and social justice work, with two Master’s degrees in these focus areas. Her screenplays focus on bringing people who are erased or marginalized onto our screens. Her recent book, How To Write Inclusively: An Analysis & How To Guide, provides how-to’s on writing inclusively.

Her podcast, Inclusive Storytelling, is available on Apple and Spotify. The vodcast is on YouTube. She also co-teaches inclusive storytelling workshops as well as masterclasses.

Ashwini focuses on relationships both with internal and external people that provide value. To serve and support others is what drives Ashwini and what she thrives on. Also, Ashwini has a versatile skillset including in person and remote/virtual facilitations, Agile Coach, business development, IT project management (cloud-based solutions), PMO experience, Lean CoE, and stakeholder alignment. She is a PROSCI-certified Change Management Consultant with over 10 years of experience with organizational development, coaching, mentoring, and a background in diversity strategic consulting and managing strategic projects.


Find out more about Ashwini’s creative endeavors and get to know her and know more about her at

Instagram: @theinclusivescreenwriter

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