Introducing Jenni Kilmore (Episode 54)

“We saw all kinds of different situations in the shutdown. It made everybody really think about, what are we trying to do here and how do we make the best use of our time together? And I think it’s transformed a lot of what we’re doing now and what we’re seeing.”

Jenni Kilmore’s “language superpower,” she says, is connecting with people. That’s certainly true, but based on our conversation, I would expand the definition to include hear, see, feel with, and then walk beside the people that she connects with, to lighten their load, build them up, and give them hope and energy.

Jennifer Kilmore’s Bio

Jennifer Kilmore, MASL

Master of Arts in Second Languages; Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy

Jenni is a veteran world language teacher with a wide range of roles in education. As the Blended Learning Curriculum Coordinator in her last school district, she came out of 13 years as a classroom French teacher, both in the traditional and blended learning environments and working with students of all levels, K-16. She enjoys being involved in professional language organizations, serving on the board of local organizations for many years, most recently as Past President of the Arkansas Foreign Language Teachers Association (AFLTA). She is a member of the ACTFL’s Leadership Initiative for Language Learning (LILL) and a former AFLTA Teacher of the Year, both of which have had huge impacts on her leadership style and philosophies, self-reflection, and goal setting. Her love of languages started at an early age and flourished with study abroad experiences in high school, college, and adulthood. She received her Master of Arts in Second Language Acquisition from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and a Bachelor of Arts in Education and French from Bowling Green State University, both which truly helped ground her personal experiences and expectations into sound and engaging classroom practices. Jenni is now the Director of Sales Enablement for World Languages at Carnegie Learning. Her position allows her to work with district leadership and teachers across the country, which in turn means serving language students everywhere. Her passion and commitment to the profession and to world language teachers and students is fueled by the lasting positive influences that language learning has on students and the overall impact that teachers and professionals can have on one another through truly supportive environments and conversations.



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