It’s About Language

Join me for weekly conversations with people young and old, famous and not-so-famous, from a wide variety of backgrounds — all having in common that they have experienced the power of language in their lives, work, and happiness. Their stories will teach, inspire, and move you.

Each episode has questions and statements to get you thinking. (Transcripts are provided, too.) And in each case, I’ve asked my guest to provide a specific invitation to YOU, the listener, to consider in your life and work. Let me know, please, what you learned, what you were challenged by, and what you’d like to share about your experiences and insights. Enter the conversation!


Yes, @NorahLulicJones definitely has the talent of "bringing out" the best in others or allowing them to showcase themselves in the best light! Thank you for directing the spotlight on others who have great stories and talents to share with others. 

Lisa Fore


Your podcasts are exceptionally relevant and applicable, thought-provoking and insightful, easy-to-follow and enjoyable!  

Paul Sandrock
Senior Advisor for Language Learning Initiatives / ACTFL


You have an immense talent to draw the best from your participants. 

Richard Brecht


Norah knows how to LISTEN - she really "hears" the message - and the interview is richer because of it.  New questions come from the hearing. 

Terri Marlow

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