Introducing Kim Haas (Episode 57)

“When I traveled to Mexico [at age 6] a stranger taught me to count in Spanish from 1-20. And that experience did everything for me, and I say that it changed my DNA if that’s even possible, but it changed the course of my life. And I think about all these wonderful people that I’ve met with in my travels, and that I was able to communicate with …who perhaps didn’t speak English or maybe didn’t feel as comfortable speaking English, but because I could speak to them in Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, this whole world opens up when you take the time to learn another language, whether it’s learning just a few words, because you’re preparing for a trip, or really majoring it as I did.”

Kim Haas’s Bio

Kim Haas is Executive Producer, Host and Creator of Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas, a travel show celebrating the African influence in Latin America. She has traveled extensively throughout Latin America. Kim has been active in Afro-Latino issues for more than a decade and is founder of, a blog celebrating Afro-Latino culture.

Kim has extensive experience in media and communications. She served as Director of Marketing for WWSI TV Telemundo in Philadelphia. She also served as an on-camera pledge host (English, Spanish and Italian) for WYBE TV in Philadelphia. Kim has appeared in numerous videos and commercials for companies such as Kohl’s, Time Warner Cable and Walgreens. Kim speaks fluent Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Her undergraduate and graduate degrees are in Spanish.

Kim is owner of Haas Media LLC, a multilingual community outreach, translation services, and communications firm located in the Greater New York City area.


Travels with Kim Haas

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“TV Host Kim Haas is Tracing the African Link in Latin America”


By: Michelle Hermann

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