Introducing Chaz Volk (Episode 46)

“I was reliant on someone else’s success in order for my happiness to exist. And I’m angry at myself for that. I’m really, really angry at that. So when the pandemic began, I took that anger and I took that grief that I had, and I took that ball of energy that was extrapolated from that and I built a business out of it, because not only did I need to in order to protect myself, but it actually makes me happy. And I feel so rejuvenated while working in my business, even when I fail, by the way…You ask any entrepreneur, and any entrepreneur who tries their job is going to fail at least once a day. I fail at least once a day. I’m still happy getting out of that.”

“It’s About Language” guest Chaz Volk is founder and owner of Mr Thrive Media, the producer of this podcast, and developer of effective language and pathways for media creatives and young people. Listen to our podcast conversation to learn more.

Chaz Volk‘s Bio

Born in Los Angeles, it was no surprise Chaz Volk took his values to the entertainment world. He studied film at San Francisco State University and took his experience in audio to pursue sound production and, later on, podcast production. Seeing a clear gap in connectivity and relation-building in the industry, Chaz founded his company designed to build a virtual networking community for artists and creatives. His company, Mr. Thrive Media, produces podcasts for local businesses while extending a helping hand to the entertainment world.


Book: The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann

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