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This website and my consulting company Fluency LLC are dedicated to the proposition that the beauty and power of humanity are best expressed through the diversity of languages and cultures. Here you’ll find podcast conversations with leaders in wide-ranging fields. Here you’ll find blogs and links to inspire you and open new paths of thought and action. Here you can connect with me for consulting work with your organization based on my years as an education leader, writer, Gallup Strengths coach, and retreat master.

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It’s About Language


Episode 23 You Are a Bridge to Inclusion: A Conversation with Ricky Adamson It's About Language, with Norah Jones

Ricky Adamson, PhD, language educator and consultant, talks with Norah L Jones about the linguistic and cultural roots from which grow inclusion and respect.
  1. Episode 23 You Are a Bridge to Inclusion: A Conversation with Ricky Adamson
  2. Episode 22 – Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning: A Conversation with Toni Theisen
  3. Episode 21 – Connect the World to the Classroom: A Conversation with Akash Patel
  4. Episode 20 – Journey to a Dream: A Conversation with Maria del Pilar Garcia
  5. Episode 19 – Multiplier Effect: A Conversation with Sheri Spaine-Long


Passports to Understanding

Sharing this small meditative gem from Maya Angelou on the power of exposure to languages and cultures, so critical for our times.

Words Matter

It is critical that we reflect right now in our country’s life on the role and power of language and words on the behavior and beliefs of individuals and groups.

Language and Music

How much seasonal music have you heard, and how many season’s greetings have come your way? We’ll finish the year linking language and music!

Language grows out of life, out of its needs and experiences…Language and knowledge are indissolubly connected; they are interdependent.

Annie Sullivan, U.S. teacher of the Deaf, 1886-1936