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Happy New Year 2022! Let’s make it a year when we really tap into the resources we have as human beings to address the challenges around us, so that each and all of us can prosper emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

We do that through LANGUAGE. It’s our tool and our art, and an amazing, dazzling gift of our brains. We lose sight of how remarkable language is because despite its mysterious nature it is natural to us.

So for 2022 my website and podcast will be taking a look at how we learn language and languages, and how they are applied in our lives, relationships, and work. Together we’ll explore the myriad ways language can and does lift us up, shape our perceptions, make life fun or challenging, separate or bring us together, reveal or obscure meaning — that and much more! The whole human experience uniquely available through language.

And… I wanted to have all my proverbial “ducks in a row” before I started, but I realized that not only can I not grab all those ducks, but it’s likely not at all as much fun for you, the reader and listener, if we don’t chase a few ducks together. Plus, I rest on the nature of the dynamism and risk-taking of language itself! So I’m going to the process and you as my fellow-travelers in language and life.

Join me for weekly conversations with leaders in the humanities and sciences, business, and social outreach about the power of language. Their stories will teach, inspire, and move you.

Episode 50 – Retrospective 2: Language, the Doorway Fluency Consulting

"It's About Language" starts the new year looking both back at the past year, and ahead toward the new, with Retrospective 2: Language, the Doorway.