Introducing Brenda Buckley (Episode 100)

“Be with them, be a ‘we’ not a ‘I’, or ‘you’.”

Brenda Buckley

Brenda Buckley is an accomplished educator with over 15 years of experience
in urban education. She specializes in teaching American Sign Language and
has a passion for inspiring and empowering students from underprivileged

Buckley earned her Bachelor’s degree in American Sign Language and Visual
Arts and received a Master of Science in Deaf Education from Rochester
Institute of Technology.

In addition to teaching American Sign Language, Buckley’s research focuses
on building students’ mindsets and strategies for teaching world language to
students in poverty. She has identified effective strategies and tools for
supporting students and helping them succeed academically and personally.
Buckley has held teaching positions at various urban schools throughout her
career, making a significant impact on her students and the school community.
She has also collaborated with education organizations such as the Language
Educators of Central New York, New York State Association of Foreign
Language Teachers, and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign
Languages to promote awareness and improve access to American Sign
Language education.

In her free time, Buckley enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures.
She is also involved in volunteer work with organizations, co-founding a girls
group called “I AM ME”, which promotes self-esteem and leadership skills in

Brenda Buckley’s dedication to empowering students through American Sign
Language and her research on building students’ mindsets make her an asset
to the education community. She is committed to creating a positive impact on
her students and the world around her.


Episode 100 – Why Teach Like a Rebel


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