Introducing Arthur Padilla (Episode 28)

“They call me a noise maker… so people will say [I’m] very intrusive, [I’m] chaotic. So they use words like that to describe someone like me, who is asking you to stop and check yourself. Part of it is, there’s so many elements happening, but a lot of it is guilt and shame. And I’m like, that’s why we need to change the language. It’s about responsibility.”

Arthur Padilla is my guest on Episode 28. He asks us all: “How do we make good noise?” And he helps us to understand what that question means, and learn how to make “good noise,” and get down to making good noise in the world. Click here to access my conversation with him.

Arthur Padilla’s Bio

Arthur G. Padilla (Senior Managing Partner, StrateGWorks). Master’s in Counseling Psychology: Community Development. Prescott College.

Mr. Padilla began his community impact work in Southern Arizona, working for a multi-stakeholder collaborative designed to reduce HIV infection throughout Pima County. Mr. Padilla has implemented several similar initiatives to address the community oppression of LGBTQ youth in Washington, DC; crystal methamphetamine addiction in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood; and a community therapy initiative in Northern New Mexico for first-time insured mental health clients.

Mr. Padilla has been working as a consultant since 2011. He has done extensive work in anti-racist and anti-oppression programming across the United States. In Alaska, where distance learning has been a priority for many years, he participated in developing collective impact initiatives for front-line care workers.

He was also the lead evaluator for a Department of Education project in Alaska designed to learn about cultural differences using an immersion/experiential program. This collective impact project included the Native Corporations from across Alaska, all the school districts in the state, teachers in middle school and high school, and students from every Alaska community.

Lastly, he just completed a three-year initiative with the YWCA USA office as lead evaluator for a trauma-informed leadership project for high school girls of color. Again, this well-funded national initiative included YWCA affiliates, high schools, small businesses, educators, parents, and most especially, youth. The program will launch nationally in 2021.


Check out Arthur Padilla’s rich website for his blog, podcasts, and lots of rich information, resources, and pathways to inspire, engage, and challenge you.

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