Introducing Jill Kushner Bishop (Episode 42)

Picture of Jill Kushner Bishop; woman with black shirt and colorful sweater; brown hair and glasses

I was interested in the intersection of language and culture. I was always interested in language itself, but more interesting to me was how people use language, what it meant about their identities…”

In Episode 42 of It’s About Language, Jill Kushner Bishop talks about the path that led her to an advanced degree in linguistic anthropology and how she applies her love of language and cultures to better connect corporations with international audiences. It’s a great story, and I invite you to read her bio below and check out her company, Multilingual Connections.

Jill Kushner Bishop’s Bio

Dr. Jill Kushner Bishop is Founder & CEO of Multilingual Connections, a global language solutions company that supports translation, transcription, transcreation, and multimedia needs in over 75 languages for organizations across the globe. Jill brought her PhD in linguistic anthropology to the corporate world, where she worked as a user researcher and then oversaw the implementation of language and culture programs for 130 Chipotle Mexican Grill locations. In 2005, she launched Multilingual Connections to help organizations understand, engage, and grow their multilingual audiences. 




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