Introducing John De Mado (Episode 12)

“Language does not abide disrespect. We either work to understand its nature to the greatest degree possible and create environments in our classrooms that respect the nature of language, or language will defy us at every turn.”

For John De Mado, my guest for Episode 12, language is a respected partner, friend, and life-guide. For anyone who has ever conversed with John, seen John present, used his language teaching raps, read his books, or been in one of his professional development or curriculum workshops, John’s friendship with and respect for the enigma of language is clear. He loves and nurtures language in everyone he meets (as you also hear in this podcast), and is a pied piper for young learners and educators of language throughout the world.

This podcast itself is a mini-biography of John; his dedication to exploring the mystery of language means that each day he is observing language in action in the lives of people wherever he goes, and then analyzing what is happening with a researcher’s clarity–then sharing it out into the world. John uses his life as the canvas on which he paints the beautiful picture of language.

One of my favorite quotes from John is “The thing we need to know about language in general is that there are no experts.” That being said, John’s expertise and insights are game-changers for educators and educational institutions, and his sense of fun and joy in talking in and about languages is delightful. It’s a pleasure for me to recommend to you John’s seminars, language raps, and his excellent book for language educators–all identified and linked, below.

What will learn and share about the enigma of language? What risks will you take, what joy will you discover?

John De Mado’s bio and resources:

Mr. De Mado directs John De Mado Language Seminars, LLC, a full-service consulting firm focusing exclusively on language acquisition. John has consulted to the US Department of Defense Schools in Europe and conducted workshops throughout the United States as well as abroad. A member of several national, regional and state language organizations, John is best known for his motivational keynotes, provocative conference sessions, and insightful professional and staff development workshops. You may visit John’s website at for further information regarding services and products.

Mr. De Mado has authored several textbook programs for Spanish, French and ESL students as well as composed and recorded a series of instructional French and Spanish rap CD/DVDs entitled La Boutique Magique, Une Boum Cool, ¡Festejemos!, and ¡Somos Campeones!, respectively. Each features original raps designed to transmit specific linguistic functions and related vocabulary, structure and syntax. In early 2018, John’s latest professional development book for language educators, entitled In Search of Language: Enhancing Language Acquisition in the Classroom made its successful debut.

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