Introducing Josh Barinstein (Episode 52)

“In that [YouTube] video and anything that I want to show through that channel and anything in my life in general as a theme, I’m looking under the hood, if you will… just beneath the surface… I’m a guy in my 50s exploring life as I always hope people do that…The more I search, the more it becomes about me, my internal experience of anything, because there’s no other interpretation of what’s out there other than what I see, how I feel and what I do with it.”

Josh Barinstein’s Bio

Josh Barinstein has spent the past decade telling real and authentic stories through his company Zenergy Films, which produces marketing and documentary-style video for tech and publishing clients. A high point was traveling the Spanish-speaking world in 2018 filming a documentary series for McGraw-Hill to teach Spanish to college students. His team spent almost 100 days on the road and ultimately produced 105 minutes of final output, which qualifies as a feature film!

These days, besides continuing to co-run Zenergy with his partner, he has been focusing on creating personal content that digs into life experiences and explores what lies beneath the surface, and inside all of us. It is now being shared through his YouTube channel (link below) and a travel course that will soon be published on BrightTrip.


Zenergy’s site:       


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