Introducing Linda Zins-Adams (Episode 41)

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My master’s is in special education, so I think that taught me how to look at learners differently… [M]y role and my job as a facilitator is to build those relationships, build that community…. [T]o include the students, and I think that’s been one of the things that I’ve developed over the years, that building the relations and the experience.

My guest for Episode 41, Linda Zins-Adams is passionate about learners, because she’s passionate about potential, inclusion, and a more connected and joyful world.

Linda focuses on growing lives and connections through education — world language and culture studies specifically, but also through using those skills learned in her Master’s work, to clear pathways to understanding for those of us that might be rendered marginalized or invisible because of our intellect, economic or ethnic backgrounds, beliefs, experiences or lack thereof, and so much more.

Where does your path to contributing to the world lead? What do you say about what’s important to be and to do for others? What will others be able to do for themselves and others because of your work and life? That’s language and culture applied to transformation, which is Linda Zins-Adams’s dedication and can be ours, too.

Linda Zins-Adams’s Bio

Linda Zins-Adams is currently the World Language Department Chair and Chaminade Global Scholars Coordinator at Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Throughout her career, she has conducted numerous state-level, regional, and national workshops and webinars. At the AP Reading for the German Language and Culture exam, she has also served in various leadership roles.  Additionally, Linda served from 2015-2019 as the College Board Advisor for the AP German Development Committee.  

Linda has become a master of her signature “Ein schöner, runder Kreis” method in which she successfully spirals themes and communication modes from novice through intermediate levels.  Over three decades, personal and professional experiences have led her to understand the importance of sharing the “WHY” related to each activity to connect students with the target culture and language. Linda’s goal is to have students become proficient in a second language (or even a third or fourth language) to prepare them for leadership in their community and beyond.



Global Seal CRED:

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Twitter: @powerfrauusa

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