Introducing Dan Goodwin (Episode 29)

“I want to make sure that people feel seen. I want to make sure they feel heard, and I want them to go out feeling like they are valued as a human being. They may be a criminal. They may be scum of the earth. They may be very difficult to like. My job is not to judge them, we’ll leave that to whatever higher power you believe in, or karma or whatever you want to call it. My job is to help them along life’s journey and towards whatever they envisioned their life could be.”

Dan Goodwin is my guest for Episode 29. He combines a trained investigator’s attention and precision with a commitment to mercy and perspective. He meets us all where we may be found at any moment–and that power can reveal truth and transform lives.

Dan Goodwin’s Bio

Dan is the founder of CYA Consulting and leverages 30-plus years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience to his clients. Dan’s corporate career spanned 19 years and included numerous internal investigations on behalf of the Fortune 100 company where he served.

After Dan left corporate America, he started several businesses, including his current security consulting, real estate negotiations, coaching, and mentoring. In his current businesses, Dan uses his investigative background to assist business owners and corporate management teams in research and obtain information to move their businesses forward. Dan’s unique approach to research, engagement, and investigative technique serves him well as he draws upon the thousands of interviews he completed over his corporate and entrepreneur life.

Trained in interrogation and interview techniques, Dan uses his skills and expertise to assist his clients to examine all available information to make the best possible decisions in the present moment. 

Dan believes everyone can improve their skills when it comes to research, interviews, and better business decisions by preparing and being armed with a structured method to obtain information. This information, along with other observations, allows the business owner or department manager to make better decisions. Language, and the proper use and interpretation, is a very important skill for all to have in today’s world.  Along with critical thinking skills, clear communication is a requirement to have a lasting impact for good for those you serve.


Dan Goodwin’s website is . His courses and consulting bring clarity and power to individuals, organizations, and businesses. He’s fun, kind, and approachable. Check him out.

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