Introducing Jenniffer Whyte (Episode 78)

Jennifer Whyte Episode 78 Its About Language

“World Language teachers, that’s the dream world for me. Coming here, it’s like, no one looks at me funny, nobody says I’m extra, nobody says I’m talking too fast, nobody is saying I’m waving my hands too much, it’s like… And I don’t feel them thinking it either, like the looks, I don’t get the looks, they’ve traveled too, they’re just world, global citizens like me. We’re all the same, and they’re White, and they’re Black, and they’re from different countries, but we’re all the same.”

Jennifer Whyte

 Find all the information about and flavor of Jenniffer Whyte on her website! You’ll read her blog, see links to her podcast, and catch a glimpse of her spirit and history throughout, and have access to her work and resources.


Episode 74 – Freestyle Languages Freedom & Joy

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