Introducing Ashok Ojha (Episode 61)

“[Identity is] very important for me as a language teacher and advocate. These two organizations that I’m heading, Yuva Hindi Sansthan, is fully dedicated to teaching the language, the heritage language of Hindi. While the other one, Hindi Sangam Foundation is fully dedicated to promote and advocate the teaching of Hindi language.”

Ashok Ojha’s Bio

Ashok Ojha is a New Jersey based journalist and teacher, where he manages two non-profit organizations, Yuva Hindi Sansthan and Hindi Sangam Foundation, both dedicated to promotion of Hindi language in USA and beyond. Well-versed in national standards and best practices in curriculum instruction appropriate for US schools, Ashok is a K-12 certified teacher for social studies.

He worked as a full time Hindi Journalist, script writer and documentary producer in India prior to his immigration to USA in 1996 where he was enrolled at New York University program in International Affairs. He continued to report and write on current affairs for publications and journals in USA and India. In January 2017 he produced and directed a series of short videos on ‘Citizenship and Social Justice’ for New York University classroom video project. 

As the coordinator of the International Hindi Conference, USA, he collaborated with scholars from a number of leading universities, such as, NYU, Columbia, UPenn and others to organized three International Hindi Conferences in USA at NYU (2014), Rutgers (2015), the Consulate General of India, New York (2016). Ashok coordinated with GITAM University, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India to organize the Fourth International Hindi Conference is underway (

Since 2010 Ashok has been awarded US Government Grants for directing STARTALK Hindi Programs. Trained as a Hindi teacher at 2009 UPenn STARTALK Teacher Program, he directed the STARTALK program for Kean University students (2010, 2011) followed by YHS STARTALK Hindi programs at Bensalem (2012), Hatfield (2013) and Harleysville, PA (2014-17). He won three STARTALK Grants for directing SANGAM-FRANKLIN STARTALK HINDI PROGRAM since 2016. Ashok also collaborating with the Consulate General of India, New York for holding International Hindi Conference. Ashok taught English as a foreign language in Yongan, Fujian, China in 2012. He has earned two bachelor degrees-one from NYU (2001), USA and the other from Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India (1971).


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