Introducing Andrés Pi Andreu (Episode 5)

In what way does imagination precede language?

Andres quotes Einstein: “Logic will get you from A à B, imagination will take you everywhere.” What are your reflections on this assertion?

What happens to imagination and language in a “metahuman” world?

Welcome to a fun and mind-bending romp of a conversation in Episode 5 of It’s About Language, with author, linguist, and educational creative Andrés Pi Andreu.

Andrés is a “firehose” of a man, whose fertile mind is making connections and breaking new ground not only in his daily (prodigious) work, but also during the conversation itself. Enjoy — and profit from — a fascinating ride that spans the pre-linguistic imagination of early humankind, the emerging languages and cultures of digital youth, the role of international connections, the nature and power of reading, new approaches to educational clusters. You will try to drink deeply as quickly as you can from this “firehose.”

Andrés says simply of himself: “I write stories. I educate people. I develop social and educational projects to groom minds. I write books for very young and old children. I create social and educational projects to spread well-being in my community.” Andrés’s spirit to make the world and children’s place in it more open, life-giving, and interconnected you will hear throughout.

Andrés is a Cuban American writer, born in Havana, Cuba, and now living in Florida. Andres has won important awards such the Campoy-Ada National Literature Award given by the American Academy of the Spanish Language; the “White Ravens Award List,” given by the International Youth Library; the Apel les Mestres Award, given by Editorial Planeta; the White Rose Critic Award; and twice the Cuban National Prize for Children’s Literature, Edad de Oro, and many other recognitions.

In the realm of children’s literature, Andres stands out for his innovative voice; his work is characterized by the introspection of the characters and the use of the first person singular. Their stories, narrated from that intimate world, are filled with humor, tenderness, and conceptual depth. Moreover, his style is so markedly different that it has been received as its own genre within current children’s literature written in Spanish. Andres’s works have been translated into more than 12 languages.

In addition to his literary work, Andres also has written educational texts, and has created cultural and social programs for his community. If, reading this, you wonder how he has enough time to accomplish all these things while being a parent — you won’t wonder once you hear his energy and openness come to you directly in the podcast.

Enjoy Andrés Pi Andreu – and let your imagination take you everywhere. Connect up with him and check out his work via these links and resources he shares:


Author page:



Access to books: Amazon: ; Film Freeway:; Goodreads:; Dad for Sale:; The Sun is Broken; Eine Biene zu viel (One Bee Too Many)

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