Let’s Talk Birdseed

Well, my ducks are not in the row I referred to in my home page entry. 🙂

This is where the language I use on myself turns out to limit my possibilities. Proverbs and metaphors like that can certainly be insightful and empowering, but they can also be excuses, traps…and, well, wrong!

I warned myself (and shared with you) that I would begin this blog before I got all my language and thought ducks all lined up…yet I still hesitated because, even after all these years of teaching, training, sharing, and hoping, I’m indeed still vulnerable. That is, I still have an underlying desire to – belief in being able to – save the world. So if this contribution isn’t simply amazing and world-saving, then… I guess I need to wait. But wait, indeed:

I’m not saving the world: I’m contributing to it.

As are you, too, of course.

As are the podcast guests from 2020-21, which have been so awesome. (I hope you have had a chance to listen to one or more!) As will be the guests for 2022 and your work and yes, these blogs, and our sharing in 2022 and beyond. We’re all…contributing positive ideas and energy to the world…seeking for our unique talents and finding channels to use them…learning where we might overreach and need to turn to another for help or to take over.

Language is the tool – the key, major, central tool – that allows all us humans to do all this and much more. It’s the human mystery and tool par excellence. That’s why there is this blog, website, podcast, my work, your work, our time together, and our voices together. Together we can lift up the depressed, lonely, worried, and hungry – and it may be us. Today we can support the joyful, generous, concerned, loving, and giving – and it may be us.

So instead of lining up ducks, I’m visualizing scattering birdseed. Today, in the ice and snow, my scattered birdseed brings feeders up high, feeders down on the ground, different species of different sizes and looks and hungers. Sometimes there are very few and I wonder if they know the birdseed and I are here. Other times the scene is birdie Woodstock. My role is to be consistent, putting out birdseed.

Thanks for reading, and for being a fellow-traveler in the world of language and a fellow bird-seed-scatterer!

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