Episode 16 Reframing Language Perceptions: A Conversation with Edgar Serrano

It's About Language, with Norah Jones
It's About Language, with Norah Jones
Episode 16 Reframing Language Perceptions: A Conversation with Edgar Serrano

“How do you think our world is going to work? Make sure you know how to connect with others, and how that will be important in order for you to be successful and to impact the world.”

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My guest for Episode 16, Edgar Serrano, knows the power of story. His stories are–as ultimately are all stories–ones of language and culture and experience and identity. You can glimpse where his stories come from in his biography.

What is your story–yours uniquely–the story that comes from your personal experiences… your culture… your language?

Edgar has a powerful gift for story; you will hear it in this podcast. He is aware that his history, his experiences, and his reflections on his growing identity are signposts not only for him on his life-journey but are gifts to bring others to reflection on their own lives. Edgar prompts his students, and all of us, to become aware of our language, our culture–our identity–and in doing so, to become aware and respectful of the language, culture, and identity of others.

Edgar reframes language perceptions through gentle personal stories shared to make a profound point: we make assumptions, sometimes damaging ones, about many aspects of our lives and the lives and identities of others.  We may decide we do not need or are not capable of learning another language. We may judge certain people, because of their languages and cultures, to be not worthy of our attention.

By telling stories and asking and inviting others to tell theirs, Edgar provides opportunities to reframe perceptions, to bring all of us closer together, and to open new doors to opportunity and personal growth to his students and to all of us. His is a powerful paradigm, a generous and caring one. Check out his biography, and with it the resources that continue to share his story with you.

What do your stories tell about your language, culture, and identity? With whom do you share your stories, and why? How do you connect with others, to make an impact on the world?

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It’s About Language – Episode 16 – Reframing Language Perceptions: A Conversation with Edgar Serrano

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Episode 16 – Reframing Language Perceptions: A Conversation with Edgar Serrano – Audiogram with Captions

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2 thoughts on “Episode 16 Reframing Language Perceptions: A Conversation with Edgar Serrano

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to hear Edgar’s Podcast. He mentioned so many points that resonate with me, such as how the teacher helps students forge their paths, understanding how to be successful language learners and how to understand that language will be important for their careers. His analogy about going to the gym is great – often people know it’s important, but they don’t know what to do when they get there, so they need guidance. Absolutely, a teacher is a coach and a trainer, too!

    1. Thanks for listening, Parthena! One of your gifts as an educator is to understand and live the “coach” role, helping students learn how to do their “language exercises,” but refraining from doing them for the students! Thanks for spotting that in Edgar’s conversation.

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