Language Truths

Let’s explore the powerful impact of four truths of how human language actually works for individuals and groups… of three steps to natural, confident communication… and of three language gifts to you as an individual as well as to members of linguistic and cultural communities.

I was honored to provide a live keynote at the recent GlobalCRED conference. In it, I shared game-changer insights into how language works. These insights have come from research I’ve done in my linguistics studies as well as the on-site action research that comes from years of teaching and, each day, reflecting on my experiences and those of my students and my colleagues. The 4 truths, 3 principles, and 3 steps open up worlds of possibilities to students (especially the most vulnerable), provide freedom to educators, and are insights that all who are interested in language will enjoy. To learn more about these insights, click the video below to watch and listen to my talk. (Captions are available by clicking on the button at bottom of video.)

Interested in learning more about GlobalCRED? You can watch my podcast with Linda Egnatz, the Executive Director of the Global Seal, and/or visit the Global Seal website. Want to see more videos from amazing presenters from around the world? Check out the GlobalCRED YouTube Channel!

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One thought on “Language Truths

  1. As always, an enlightening and thoughtful presentation, mi amiga. I always love your choice of words that celebrate language communication, such as discussing the three language gifts…so beautiful and inspiring!

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