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Norah Jones, founder of Fluency Consulting, has focused her podcast episodes to talk about the “why” behind world languages. She is joined by individuals who share their passion and expertise with you on important topics to help support the community of learners, educators, business owners, and citizens who care about the future of our societies and world-wide stability and human flourishing. Find Your Voice. Enter the Conversation. Name Your Superpower.


I am glad you are here and so excited that you have connected with my world-wide audience. Together we’ll demonstrate WHY languages are the epicenter for success for individuals, educators, communities, businesses and nations. Human language is global!

We would like to highlight some of our key sponsors.


Language In The News

Expressions of gentle opinion help signal relationship in conversations, making them more humane: https://twitter.com/nytopinion/status/1525022613466189824?s=20&t=S_1VxUa_32Yc5fUgFPaC0w
Everyone needs a voice: valedictorian with Nonverbal Autism delivers inspiring speech: College valedictorian with nonverbal autism delivers commencement speech | WNT – Bing video
DeafBlind Communities are creating language in a new modality: https://twitter.com/NewYorker/status/1524900361936556034?s=20&t=S_1VxUa_32Yc5fUgFPaC0w
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