Passports to Understanding

Sharing this small meditative gem from Maya Angelou on the power of exposure to languages and cultures, so critical for our times.

Episode 15 – Language and Social Justice: A Conversation with L.J. Randolph

It’s About Language guest Dr. L.J. Randolph explores how language, identity, and social justice are inextricably linked.

Introducing L.J. Randolph (Episode 15)

This week’s guest, Dr. LJ Randolph, shares the need for and approach to connecting social justice and language learning and use.

Episode 14: Challenging Standardized Language

It’s About Language guest Dr. Adrienne Daly challenges us to break away from the assumption that there is “one right way to speak or write.”

Introducing Adrienne Jones Daly (Episode 14)

This week’s guest, Dr. Adrienne Jones Daly, challenges our ideas around standardized languages in education and society.

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