Introducing Linda Egnatz (Episode 7)

“If you see a problem, look for a way to fix it. If you see someone who has a need, and you can support them, do it. Our world needs to be a connected space where we care for each other and we look out for each other. Some of us make a pathway for others to follow, and they’ll make it bigger, they’ll make it better. Some of us have to go through the woods and take a few brambles. But when you look back, you’ll be amazed at what’s coming after.

My guest for Episode 7, Linda Egnatz, lives that opening quote of hers. And she does so in breakthrough ways that always amaze and dazzle me. I said to her one day, “Many of us think very small: small problem, small solution, small impact. Every time I look around, you’re identifying huge needs or problems, and then figuring out huge pathways to solutions, and grabbing large numbers of people to bring the solutions about. You’re amazing that way!” To which Linda responded cheerfully, “I’m a looking-for-maximums kind of person.” Is she ever! Her maximums are global!

Get to know Linda Egnatz here, and on her Global Seal site, below, along with her links to resources and information to help you step up to both see problems and needs more clearly, and to step in to help make a difference.

And if you are a language student, an educator, a career user of language, part of a business that understands the need for employees with language skills, a parent, a person engaged in an organization that understands the need for language and culture knowledge and skills… anyone who knows language is important, doggone it, register for the free Global CRED conference December 2-3, 2020, a virtual extravaganza of language learners and professionals all learning from one another to solve the problem of global needs, broken connections, and language disempowerment. See the link below for more information and to register. I’ll be presenting there and would love to “see” you and hear from you.

Of herself, Linda says:

“Someone once described me as an optimistic problem solver. What I believe that means is that I’m too analytical or too practical to be an idealistic dreamer, but too impatient with the status quo to not want to improve it, even if the solution isn’t perfect… yet. I do like to ask the question, ‘What if…?’ and I do dream big, but the joy is in accomplishing the small steps that make those imagined visions a reality. When it comes to language, it too is a connector and a problem solver. There is always more to chase and more to learn, but the small communicative encounters along the way with someone I would otherwise never have met is the most satisfying part of being a bilingual. In both my past role as a Spanish teacher and in my current role as the Global Seal of Biliteracy’s Executive Director, I have the unique opportunity to problem solve for language learners and perhaps, more importantly, give them a larger world to embrace.”

Resources provided and recommended by Linda:

The Global Seal, like state seals of biliteracy, is more focused on language as a tool for one’s life work, and on filling the gaps in the world of businesses, government agencies, and NGOs who need competent language users but struggle to find them, or need to know how to measure their language skills if they do. – Here’s the Global Seal site that gives all the information you need and can share with others on the purposes, uses, approaches, and access to the Global Seal. Here’s also where you can learn more about Linda’s background and credentials and the recognition she has received for her prodigious and transformational work. – In this specific area of the Global Seal site, see how credentialing through the seals of biliteracy available to both students and other users of language lead to enhanced career opportunities and growth. – Here’s an article on the Global Seal and Linda’s work.

Link to study mentioned:  

Linda alludes to a chart which helps both learners of language and those enterprises that need language users to identify what level of language skill is actually needed for the jobs for which they need employees. You can download the PDF of the chart here:

Linda talked about, and I noted above, the the upcoming amazing virtual global language event – and did I mention it is free of charge??? Here’s the link to the event:   

To learn more about previous guests on It’s About Language or access other episodes of the podcast, visit It’s About Language or click on the Podcast tab above.

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